SMARTES - Your partner for sustainable and profitable buildings and facilities

We help private companies and public organizations to reduce their energy consumption, minimize their carbon footprint, increase reliability of their equipment and generate cost energy-related savings.

We are specialists in energy-related investment projects

We will prepare a SMART investment for you, which will help you save energy, whether it is more efficient lighting, photovoltaics, a new boiler, recuperation or modernization of an old machinery. Our task is to deliver a cost-effective solution as a whole. We cover each phase of the project:

  1. Design of savings concept
  2. Preparation of actual project
  3. Funding of the costs of investment
  4. Delivery of the entire solution

We deal with the energy performance of buildings in all phases of their life cycle

In addition to a comprehensive energy investment management service, we provide:



Our clients are industrial companies, developers, cities, counties, public institutions, but also small and medium-sized companies.