We will help you with the modernization of technologies - you will save costs and help nature!

We can prepare an investment in energy savings, irrespective of whether it is more efficient lighting, photovoltaics, a new boiler, recuperation or modernization of an old machine. Our task is to deliver a cost-effective solution as a whole.

We will guide you through the entire process:

We design a savings concept for you

We will calculate the amount of possible savings and suggest the most suitable way to work towards it. Designing the right conceptual solution is the first and at the same time the most important step to achieve a correct solution from energetical and financial point of view.

We prepare a project
We will prepare all the necessary documentation and ensure all approval processes at the authorities. We take responsibility for the feasibility of the designed solutions.
We provide financing
If possible, we will provide funding for the project (see "EPC" below), or we help you to obtain financial aid or subsidies. We prepare an advantageous model of multi-source financing.
We take care of the delivery of the entire solution
We will save you from the project stress. We select the most suitable suppliers, ensure coordination of supply and ensure compliance with the highest quality standards. As we offer "turnkey" solutions, we adhere to the initial time and financial plan that we created in the concept creation phase.

We are one of the providers of Energy Performance Contracts (EPC)

Guaranteed Energy Service (hereinafter referred to as "GES") is a comprehensive professional service that we deliver to you as a client on a turnkey basis. Through cost-saving measures, in particular the modernization of energy management, we will increase energy efficiency and reduce the operating costs of your building. The investment is repaid from the achieved savings. We guarantee you not only the delivery and installation of equipment, but also that the agreed savings will be achieved during the entire contractual (guaranteed) period.

Main advantages of EPC:

You save energy without straining your budget
You do not need your own resources. The investment is repaid from savings. You can spend your capital for other purposes.
Valuation of your own property
Upgraded equipment becomes your property immediately after installation.
Zero risk
If the contractually guaranteed savings are not achieved - if you do not achieve the savings declared by us, we will pay you the difference.
Reducing operating costs, increasing reliability and safety
As for the technological part of the building operation.

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