Get a full real picture of the energy efficiency of your buildings

We will make sure that you have a clear picture of the energy efficiency of your facilities. We are your partner who helps you think about energy demands "in a language you understand", regardless of whether we are carrying out a mandatory or a dedicated energy audit for you.
We will determine the amount of your excess costs
We will come to you and physically check the actual condition of your buildings, facilities or individual technologies such as. boiler room, cooling system, ventilation, artificial lighting or other problem areas where energy leaks most frequently occur. We check your energy bills, perform measurements and calculate where and how much money you lose in the form of excess energy consumption.
We design measures and calculate costs
Thanks to the proposed measures, we can optimize any shortcomings.
We calculate your financial returns
As a result, you will have a document in your hand that meets the legal requirements and also serves as a basis for your decision on how to deal with any identified problems.

Do you need advice
or are you looking for a professional partner?